Monday, November 23, 2009

the beginning.. of an end

so i say this is the beginning for the obvious reason. duuuhhrrrr :D

and when i mention 'an end' i suppose i'm referring to ending the excuses, puttting it off, the it being "tomorrow.. tomorrow.. i proooomiseeee.." and just getting off of me lazy bum and starting this blog (dairy?? journal??) already. ah yes, there is enough of you *floggers going around and therefore another newbie, albeit very excited very nervous very eager-to-please, clogging up the perfect lil blog-world or blogsphere, as it is infamously referred to is the last thing it needs. or wants. and its probably right.


i wont even sit here and try to convinve anyone that i have something new/different/fresh/daring/outrageous to offer.. hell, if anyone's looking for fashion-inspo or any other kind of inspo, i will honestly admit that this, my friend, is the wrong tree to bark at.

(un)fortunately, for dinner i was served a nice and fat slice of against-all-the-odds steak along with a tall glass of lack-of-better-judgement imported wine. needless to say, the high intoxiacation that followed has jumbled my brain thus giving birth to this blog. but not before i staggered and half crawled to the rooftop, yelling 'i am not bruuuunk.. i ammmm the king of the wohuuurrllld and by gawd.. i shall dominate.. i shall dominaaarrrghhh.. i am falliiiin..'

um, no =)

god, i need to shut up. its past four. in the morning. my fingers, apparently deaf to my rebellious droopy eyes, seem to have a life of their own. or are they just having too much fun jumping and pumping the innocent, underage keyboards' keys?? ;D either way, they need to stoooppp.. allow me to clean up the after-sex mess and say bye for now.

... therefore, i now declare that i am of sane mind and of legal age, and nobodys bullying me into crossing over to the dark side. i love fashion among many many other things. so i've simply decided to take a leap and just JUMP.

*floggers = fashion bloggers ???